Monday, 1 March 2010

So as I was writing my first post I switched on alibi (oh how I love thee, murder mystery cable channel) and they were showing the MSW cross-over episode with Magnum P.I. (Magnum on Ice). I've seen it before as it's included in my box-set of series 1-5 and, although it isn't one of the best, it certainly has considerable entertainment value given that it involves 2 mid-eighties tv regulars at the top of their game. Oh yes, they're on fire!

I've never seen such a dazzling array of pastel-coloured floral wrap dresses (on Jessica, natch) - it's as if she's the walking embodiment of Hawaiian glamour. It's a shame they use the 'he's behind you!' trick a little too often (twice in less than five minutes!) but apart from that there is real chemistry between the two main actors.

It's a 2-parter and Jessica only features in the second episode. Unfortunately this means that the first episode (which is focused solely on Magnum) isn't included on the MSW DVD sets or in the series runs on tv. So I've never seen it!

There's an excellent scene in which Magnum (who for their first few meetings, Jessica calls 'Mr Magnum' - ooh she's a proper lady) breaks into Jessica's hotel room while she's running a bath. He compliments her on her writing (he's just finished one of her books) and tells her that he likes the way her mind works. As unlikely as it may seem, I think he's coming on to her! She sure is hot stuff, standing there in her bathrobe (which he also compliments her on).

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