Saturday, 13 March 2010

NCIS - Not Convincing, It's Stupid

I watched one of the latest NCIS episodes this week, and it's the same old stilted, inappropriate banter, fake bonhomie and unlikely characters as usual. These people are in turns deeply unprofessional, borderline sociopathic and utterly incompetent. And when they're not, they're the worst offenders for trotting out long complex monologues about what the problem was and exactly how they arrived at the final explanation. Always when they're against the clock! I might try that at work, see how it goes...

Oh Jethro, you may be the irascible leader of a motley, improbable investigative team - but you're still a looker!

well, hello lay-deez...

Meanwhile... on the latest CSI: New York (my favourite of the CSI series) there was a woman slowly losing oxygen and contracting hypothermia in a death-trap water tank. When Mac Taylor solved the riddle that would enable them to rescue her, instead of just rushing over and doing what had to be done, he stood in front of the team and explained - line by line! ha! - why it was the correct answer to the riddle. Y'know, like you would if a young woman's life was hanging by a thread and every second counted. I mean, it's always important that everyone understands that you got it right, and exactly how you came to that conclusion, before you save someone's life.

On a slightly different note, I found this picture of Gary Sinise online - looks like smiling is painful. Stick to the moody roles Gary!

what, like this? but it hurts!

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